branding Design

Botanist logo white background



Art Direction
Brand Identity


The Botanist restaurant needs a rebrand of their company. They are high-end and really focus on the concept of being one with nature. The ambiance and their meals give off a sense of elegance and simplicity. Revealing the secret of Mother Nature through experiences and taste.

Botanist logo with green background
Botanist logo with red background
Botanist logo brown background
Those were the inital options for the client. First concept embraces the scientific side of the work of a botanist with a strong visual color identity. The second one is the organic and nature feel to it. A simple leaf representation as their mark with a deep red-brown color. The last option focuses more on the valuable side of the company. The natural colour and the key beckons and adds a feel of accessibility.

The message the brand want to send is that with time and research, we manage to reveal some secrets Mother Nature left us with. Through the branding, people would feel as if they are given a key to another universe, opening a door to the heritage the earth left us. Visually pleased, but the palate is not yet satisfied. This how they would be confirming their thoughts by experiencing the restaurant.

Botanist's Stationery
Many Cards
Poster display
Gift boxes, one square and one rectangle
Embroidery on a brown sweater
Tote Bag
Two olive oil bottle with some olive on the left