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Marché Public de Montréal


Art Direction
Brand Identity


The MPM wants to innovate its seeds packaging to give a more organic, local and Montreal feel to it. With climate change in mind, they want to encourage the population to grow their own food in an urban environment and embrace their identity as part of the Montreal community.

Logo corner of the packaging

My approach to this packaging, I had in mind functional packing that does not require any glue or other sealing. I based myself on how we close and open a box, but with a more triangular shape.

My concept was post card packaging. Since the longest of time, Montreal has been passing on mails through generation. Therefore, as we are now with a different mindset, I wanted to pass on the message of the MPM, which is to have more faith in our local product.

Beet packaging
Carrot packaging
Turnip Packaging
All three packagings
The packaging design is an enveloppe that contains seeds. There is an intuitive step-by-step set of instructions to open the enveloppe, which reveals planting information for the product. The image and the color makes it easy to identify the seed. A message to someone, a message to the earth.
Many packaging on top of each other